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One Fish, Many GoPros: Episode 1: “Jump”

Jim J

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One Fish, Many GoPros: Episode 1: “Jump”




Making videos is actually one of the things I am most passionate about. Not just fishing and being “in” the video, actually producing it in every aspect including filming it, editing it, being the director, on-camera angler etc. GoPro cameras make it so easy to do these days and I want to encourage others and show them how they can do the same thing with just a camera or two and a little time to edit and tell the story afterwards. So, I plan to post at least one of these new “One Fish, Many GoPros” a month from now through 2013. Some may be longer, like this first one, but most will be around 1-2 minutes of action packed kayak fishing excitement. I hope you enjoy this first episode!


Drew Gregory

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