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In-Fisherman Magazine collection

Jim J

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I have been collecting In Fisherman Magazines since the late 70's. I own every issue (and multiples) since it's inception around 35 years ago.


I was on to E-Bay very early and when I needed to fill in an issue or two a guy would send me 5 years worth.


I am moving and it's time to pare down the collection. I kept a complete set for myself but have 200 or so issues going back to the first year.


In the hey day 80's the magazine reached epic proportions in size as far as magazines go. 256 pages in a magazine WOW


This is basically a history of modern day fishing with the Lindners always paying their repscts to some of the pioneers like Bill Binkleman and Buck Perry. The artwork on those issues is beautiful. I couldn't include more covers but some of the are just great looking.


The early years were black and white with no ads and were called segments.


If you're interested send me an email and a price you have in mind. I was going to put on Ebay but I thought i'd post here first.


If nothing comes of it here, I will sell there.











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