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  1. Mark, Thank you for posting up my dad's creation here on the forum. Warren Patterson was a good friend of my dad and he and I have exchanged stories and pattern details over the years. His post on FAOL was right after my dad had passed away in 2005. Dad created the sam's one bug in 1982 and was working with a gentleman out of Shelbyville TN at the time (Dale's Custom Tackle). Dale was making custom saltwater rods with foam handles and had tons of core material laying around. That product soon became known as LIVEBODY. After Dale closed his shop and sold out to other companies a few companies picked up the foam product and started packaging individually as foam cylinders. WAPSI eventually became the purchaser of the product and now distributes the foam cylinders. Years of testing and many changes have made the bug what it is today. I would put it up against many other patterns when tied correctly for durability and fish catching. I have yet to find a pattern that can withstand 200+ fish on one fly. If tied properly this one will do just that. I have evidence to prove. It simply seems to catch fish when other flies wont. After years of testing yellow and orange were the preferred colors. White with fluorescent legs a close second. Fly Fishing and Tying Journal picked up dad's article in the summer 2002 issue. Before Dad passed away, I suspect he gave away 10,000 Sam's One Bugs or more to people he met. We have stories from all over the planet of various fish caught on his bug. I am very pleased to see that others are still interested in his pattern. Feel free to send any questions or comments to the Sam's One Bug page on Instagram. @samsonebug Thanks again, Wade Blevins
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