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    Prefered rod for heavy current

    When smallies are on crayfish and active its pretty hard to beat a rapala dt 4 in craw pattern bouncing off rocks for reaction strikes but the stream i normally hit doesnt seem to have the algae issue.
  2. bdnoble

    Prefered rod for heavy current

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I've caught alot more fish on spinning rods in the river than anything else, i probably like the idea of baitcasters more than they are actually worth in the river i fish. But i do feel like some baits work better when using a baitcaster. Especially crankbaits and spinnerbaits in current.
  3. bdnoble

    Prefered rod for heavy current

    Im the same way most of the time when using small grubs, hair jigs, shakey heads, stick baits, etc but for bigger baits i.e. Spinnerbaits, swim jigs crankbaits tr worms i really prefer a baitcaster
  4. As mentioned in another post today, i was having trouble connecting on bass in strong current. What are your guys' opinion regarding rd action n current. I was using a quantum response mh with a fast to xf action. Love the feel of the rod, has good backbone for working swim jigs but as mentioned in another thread, i missed 10 or so fish (up to 18 or so inches). Ive been thinking about rod action in current lately as my normal river rods are baitcasters in medium w/ a more moderate tip and i really like that for cranks and light spinnerbaits but the feel isnt there with jigs. Be interest to hear your guys opinions
  5. bdnoble

    First attempt at tying smallie swim jigs

    Well got out and gave one a try today. Attached a 5" kalens grub in color that escapes me at the moment. River conditions were nowhere near ideal with it being up and dirty. Caught one and missed sbout 10 more. All but one was hitting the tail. Actually had 2 hits with about 3' of line out and and jig jist sitting under the surface while i was on the phone. I think shortening the skirt and using a 3-4" grub would have resulted in more hook ups. But then who knows if they would have been as apt to strike. As a side note i absolutely love how the poisontail head tracks in current. No rolling whatsoever.
  6. Like some opinions on these swim jigs for smallies. Jigs are 1/4 and 3/8oz. This is my first attempt with the poison tail mold. Have some kalens grubs and craw trailers from barlows to try with them