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Found 13 results

  1. From the album: Fish I've caught

    I was up in Wisconsin dells on the Wisconsin river this weekend fishing with night crawlers for anything that bites and ended up just catching this 15in smallie. It has a big hole in its back from a pike or musky.
  2. Mark Durham

    Mark sm21

    From the album: Mark Durham

    One of my first really big Smallmouth I'd caught, late Summer on Lake Wildwood back in the day. (21" fish)
  3. Mark Durham


    From the album: Mark Durham

    (1990's Early Spring) Caught this nice 17" Smallie while fishing on the Crow Creek with Tim Holschlag on the Crow Creek. (Tim put this print in his book)
  4. Mark Durham

    Mark SM 07 22 A

    From the album: Mark Durham

    Another late Summer Beauty!
  5. Mark Durham

    SOS Survey 1

    From the album: Mark Durham

    Hanging out with the good folks from the IDNR while they do a Survey on the Big Sandy Creek just up stream of where the proposed CAFO is planning to build. (Praying we can stop this before it starts)
  6. Mark Durham


    From the album: Mark Durham

    I'm not saying they are all this big, but do have so beauties in here.
  7. Mark Durham

    Mark Smallie

    From the album: Mark Durham

    A big, 22", late Summer Smallie on Lake Wildwood
  8. Mark Durham

    Mark SOS

    From the album: Mark Durham

    Beautiful Big Sandy Creek Smallie
  9. From the album: Mark Durham

    Me, fighting a nice Smallmouth that just grabbed my Giant Hex Dry that I skittered over his head.

    © (Artist Copyright) Mark Durham

  10. Mark Durham


    From the album: Mark Durham

    My good friend and Fly Fishing mentor, (now retired IDNR wildlife Biologist) Max Runkle. We spent a nice sunny day fishing the intake area of Powerton Lake near Pekin. We caught a few fish, nothing great. It was our first and last trip over there.
  11. Mark Durham

    Max 1 1

    From the album: Mark Durham

    My good friend and Fly Fishing mentor, (now retired IDNR wildlife Biologist) Max Runkle, fighting a nice Smallie on the Big Sandy Creek back in one of his favorite stops, back in the early 80's. (Photo Paint Watercolor enhancement) "SOS" Stop the CAFO! Save Our Sandy!

    © artist copyright (Mark Durham)

  12. Dear Fellow Anglers, This is very BAD NEWS for our Big Sandy Creek, If you're not familiar with the area it's no surprise. I'm giving up a well kept secret here, but these are dire times. We're facing some dark days ahead that may take drastic measures to stop this "Pig Shit Plant" being built and operated. We need your help, your support, your voice. The Creek is a wonder of nature. A beautiful stream that meanders through verdant rolling meadows, and ancient wooded forests. I proudly call it my "Home Water". It's the very reason I joined the ISA when it first started many years ago. It's an awesome and important Smallmouth fishery that flows east to west between Wenona, starting under I39,, and emptying into the IL River near Henry just under and past Rt. 26, in central Illinois. It needs, nay...deserves to be protected. All of the surrounding area, especially those down-stream from the operation to the Illinois River are in jeopardy and peril by this proposed "Mega Hog Farm and it's massive potential for pollution! Please help us Stop this madness! Some things are just more important than, money, corporate greed, and a few jobs...namely, our Health, our Water, our quality of life, this Planet, and not the least...our Smallmouth! Please don't just sit back and shake your heads...Speak up before it's too late! http://www.pjstar.com/article/20140313/News/140319462 Find me on Facebook: (Join the fight...SOS "save our Sandy"!) Durham Outdoors - Photography Thank You!
  13. Guest

    Des Plaines River

    My daughter just moved to Des Plaines. Anyone know if there are smallmouth in the river? Found some nice access areas. Also lots of bridges and rip rap to check out. Too much ice to fish today and a little too cold. Found a great burger place Paradise Pup. Thanks Phil
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