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Found 11 results

  1. Mark Durham

    Mark sm21

    From the album: Mark Durham

    One of my first really big Smallmouth I'd caught, late Summer on Lake Wildwood back in the day. (21" fish)
  2. Mark Durham


    From the album: Mark Durham

    (1990's Early Spring) Caught this nice 17" Smallie while fishing on the Crow Creek with Tim Holschlag on the Crow Creek. (Tim put this print in his book)
  3. Mark Durham


    From the album: Mark Durham

    I'm not saying they are all this big, but do have so beauties in here.
  4. Mark Durham

    Mark Smallie

    From the album: Mark Durham

    A big, 22", late Summer Smallie on Lake Wildwood
  5. Mark Durham

    Mark SOS

    From the album: Mark Durham

    Beautiful Big Sandy Creek Smallie
  6. From the album: Mark Durham

    I'm selling these art posters of Big Sandy Creek to make money for our "SOS" group (Save Our Sandy, Save Our Smallmouth). We are fighting VMC of Iowa, trying to stop them from building a 20,000 head Mega Hog Factory that plans to spread 10 million gallons of manure per year near Big Sandy Creek. I'm asking $20.00 ea., of which $10.00 goes to the group. The 11" x 17" Print , comes frame ready in a 16" x 20" mat on high quality satin photo paper. I have to order them in lots of 25, so please tell all of your friends, we need your help today. Thanks, Mark

    © (Artist Copyright) Mark Durham

  7. From the album: Mark Durham

    Me, fighting a nice Smallmouth that just grabbed my Giant Hex Dry that I skittered over his head.

    © (Artist Copyright) Mark Durham

  8. Mark Durham

    Max 1 1

    From the album: Mark Durham

    My good friend and Fly Fishing mentor, (now retired IDNR wildlife Biologist) Max Runkle, fighting a nice Smallie on the Big Sandy Creek back in one of his favorite stops, back in the early 80's. (Photo Paint Watercolor enhancement) "SOS" Stop the CAFO! Save Our Sandy!

    © artist copyright (Mark Durham)

  9. Guest

    Frontier 12

    I finally broke down and bought a kayak or canoe or whatever it is. I just picked it up today and took her out on Pierce Lake to do some Fly Fishing. This is my first ever rigid hull watercraft and I can truly say I am very impressed so far! Once I got my sea legs back (served on DDG-66), it was a blast and I was able to cast into my backing.
  10. OK I had to admit that my fly reels were looking dated. The Martin I use for panfish looks like a kitchen drain cover. The Medalist 1598RC I use for my 9 wt would work on my basement drain. Since chicks dig only cool reels, I had to get something that looked more 21st Century while stlii keeping food on the table. Fortunately I found the WR1-3 series from Cabela's. Through some lucky mistakes, I wound up getting a look at all three. Cool Eifel Tower design. The wide V arbor spool absorbed 200 yds of 20# backing and an 8 wt line. It works good, but don't expect it to work like an $800 Tibor. Get one before the Mayan Calandar runs out. (BTW that is a good pick up line to use with chicks.) http://reviews.cabel...=rating&dir=asc I see that Cabrela's has these
  11. https://www.theclymb.com/preview?login=true http://www.rossreels.com/
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