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  1. I like those! I never used pink color, how well does it fish.
  2. I like the Umpqua Backstabber, and it is not difficult to tie.
  3. I am ready to try this one out, hopefully it passes if not we go back to vise.
  4. Ben, I like the roll top that is awesome. I see some nice bugs laying on the slide out.
  5. Eric, Would love to see some smallmouth flies from your tying area, I bet they are awesome.
  6. I came across this pattern some time ago very productive pattern. I have a heck of a time finding the perfect size lead ball jig hook to tie these up.
  7. Thanks guy's! It took several years to get this set-up.
  8. I really enjoy fishing this pattern for Smallmouth!!
  9. Nice Topic, I am one that enjoys seeing others creation stations also. I know after many years of tying you accumulate many items, and it also becomes an addiction! The big thing for me is I have to keep somewhat organized because the mice enjoy stealing materials to make there nest.
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