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  1. Aha - mine is Mike F (space) and MikeF (no space).
  2. Took me a minute to figure out what was going on here!! Was looking at MikeF (my picture) and MikeF (not my picture)!! How can we have 2 MikeF's?! Funny
  3. Jon Mason - for sure. Always looking for someone to share knowledge and vice versa. Terry Dodge - its been 19 and Im already learning that!! Tom L - Do NOT have the patience!! I cant remember the names of the ones I have let alone trying to recreate them! Very much respect for those that tie!
  4. Thank you. Look forward to sharing my success, or failure, with the group.
  5. Mike Franzone - 48 married - 2 kids - Firefighter so great fishing schedule! Grew up in Glen Ellyn and spent much of High School fishing Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia dams. I now live in Sheridan by the Fox and didn't heed peoples advice to fish all the small creeks around me. Man do I have catching up to do, which my wife says I do too often. Am figuring out how to fish the fox down here with quite a bit of luck. Long stretches with no public access so the wadable areas are hard to access. Started kayak fishing a few years ago which has proven successful, as long as I have someone to pick me up on the other end. Started fly fishing last summer and can't get enough of it. Anyone with any Fly fishing advice feel free to share. Excited to be part of the club.
  6. Mike F

    Mike F

    Been a good spring - so far.
  7. Mike F

    Mike F

    Has been a very good spring. Mostly on the Fly.
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