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  1. This is very sad to hear. He was the reason why I joined this group when I met him a couple times on the river two months ago. I enjoyed his stories as much I enjoyed fishing, and he left me with a great impression. He was truly a master of his craft and an inspiration to many of us here. May he find eternal rest.
  2. Looking forward to meeting you guys this year
  3. Thanks John! Will definitely do.. Can't wait for spring!
  4. Thanks John! Yup, I truly do.. It's such a rush when there's a Smallie on the other end of that line!
  5. Hey Ron! Thanks again for bringing me this group.. nothing but good vibes and I'm honored to be part of this Alliance! Looking forward to fishing with you again sir
  6. Thank you Jim! Was I in the kayak at the time? I did run into a guy about the same time who said he caught a close to a state record smallie out of the Dupage! Still blows my mind! LoL. Otherwise, I hope to see you there after this brutal winter that we are currently having! It's been 9 days since I caught a bronzeback, already feels like a month!
  7. Thanks Dick! I am looking forward to meeting all you great guys!
  8. Thanks Eric! I actually visit your FishtheFox website frequently, even way before I got serious with fishing. Your catches and photos are truly inspiring! Plus Ron had nothing but good things to say about you when I met him. Glad to cross paths with you here Fish on, brother!
  9. Thanks Scott! Yeah fortunately Ron didn't whip me with his fly rod for making it to his spot.. I guess I made a good first impression with him haha!
  10. Thanks Terry! I have an Ascend 12t. I actually am thinking about upgrading to a NuCanoe Frontier 12 this coming season since I has a tandem mode. That way my friends and fiance can get into fishing as well haha! Camera wise I' just using my Samsung Galaxy S8+ fone.. It takes nice photos, and most importantly waterproof! Haha!
  11. Thank you for letting me into your fishing circle. My name is Noel and I'm a bona-fide river rat and a bronzeback aficionado like all of you guys! I'm fairly new to freshwater / river fishing (started late Fall 2016) and I've been hooked ever since. Dupage and Fox Rivers are my playground and there's no place I'd rather be when I'm not working, eating or sleeping, haha! I met RonK 10 days ago when I was kayak fishing and he was fly fishing on the Duper. I always have tremendous respect for guys who have been fishing their entire lives who are willing to teach a thing or two about their craft. The following day, I saw him again at another stretch of the river when I was wading for smallies. It's really nice to see people who share the same passion, and he convinced me to join this group. Thanks Ron! I had a ambitious goal to start 2017 - and that was to catch 100 Smallies by the end of the year. And to recap this year, I have caught close to 300 smallies, 4 muskies, few dozen walleye, 5 flathead cats and a few LMBs, crappie, and carp in between. I am more than happy to share with you what I know. At the same time, I appreciate learning from all of you great anglers. Here are a few of my catches this year. Tight lines, everyone! - Noel
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