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  1. Unfortunately, I'll be traveling this Saturday. Maybe next time! Enjoy.
  2. I couldn't think of a better way to start my membership than attending this. I recently replaced my old waders so I have a new one to break in. Looking forward to meeting you all. See you tomorrow.
  3. The DuPage West Branch is mostly kayable after a good rain. Some portions of the river are so narrow that you get some nice rapids after raining! Just plan your way back carefully because it gets tought to paddle it back upstream (I usually do the bike trick). I launch at Lyons Park in Winfield and could go all the way down to Naperville. There are spots that you just have to drag the kayak because they're too shallow, but again it depends on the amount of rain. Smallies get scarce north of Buttefield Rd but still can be found. Carps are abundant and you'll hit some large ones with your paddle or kayak.
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