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  1. Eric, as a TU member and a firm believer in catch and release trout and bass,i agree with you.
  2. Are you still in need of volunteers for this Saturday?
  3. I understand your frustration about "economic development interests" and one man speaking out for "a self serving" opinion. But you aren't alone in that self serving interest, there are many of us. But on the issues of keeping our waters clean for our fishing enjoyment carries a greater good for everyone, Canoers, kayakers, nature lovers etc. all benefit from clean water.Most importantly, nature itself benefits.
  4. Fox River Clean Up Day Sunday, Sept. 24th 9 to noon Meet on Island Park Park at the water treatment plant and walk to the spillway or ride your bike to the south end of island. Please join the Natural Resources Committee for our 3rd Annual Fox River Clean Up Day! Help keep this amazing river clean while enjoying the day outside with other river enthusiasts. The NRC will provide garbage bags, water, snacks, and boats to help haul all the wonderful items you gather! Contact Jay Womack at jay.womack@gza.com for more info.
  5. Trout Unlimited is getting more and more involved in protecting clean water fisheries. You can go to this site to send a letter to your legislators to protect clean water for everyone. http://standup.tu.org/stand-up-for-clean-water/
  6. This is an invitation to present a vision for the future of the Fox River on Friends of the Fox River's upcoming "Sunset Vision Cruise". On Sat., Sept. 23, from 6p to 8p we've rented one of the St. Charles Paddlewheel boats to produce a unique watershed event. This cruise is about more than enjoying the beauty of a fall sunset on the river. We're on a quest for an inspiring and compelling vision for the future of the Fox River itself. So we're inviting our environmental partners, state and county elected officials, local mayors, Chambers of Commerce, government agency officials, and others, to present their vision for the future of the Fox River and its watershed. We hope that by "crowd-sourcing" and sharing visions from a broad variety of viewpoints throughout the Fox Valley, from the headwaters to the confluence, we can inspire a larger agreement about what the river needs, and find new ways to work together toward a common vision for a healthier watershed and a cleaner, more vibrant river. You get a free cruise in return for presenting your vision for the future of the Fox in three minutes or less. And whether or not you can join us, we hope you'll help us get the word out by sharing our Facebook posts and telling your constituents, friends and neighbors. Here's the link to our Sunset Vision Cruise webpage on our website: https://friendsofthefoxriver.org/paddlewheel-cruise/ Contact: Gary Swick swick@mc.net, 815 370 0026 to reserve your speaking spot.
  7. Forest, Did you happen to see the message I posted today pertaining to event on the Fox River concerning river cleanup and conservation. Where, specificaly is the event along the Chicago River taking place?
  8. I have joined an effort into helping make the public aware of the need for clean water. There will be a clean up effort on the Fox River in Geneva on September 24. I have attached a flier.attachment=12711:Flyer for Fox River Cleanup Day 2017, Geneva NRC.PDF] There will also be a paddle wheel ride on the Fox on Sep. 23[ Flyer for Fox River Cleanup Day 2017, Geneva NRC.PDF
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