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  1. Such a long winter, cabin fever had me feeling like Jack Nicholson in the shining......

    After a great breakfast at Cherry Valley we split up to attack different sections of the river, I was excited, first time on the Kish.

    Once we got on the water the spring fever broke, just couldn't help myself so I bailed off the kayak and went for a swim.  Jude saw me go and caught the enthusiasm and joined me.  Water was a little chilly, not too bad for a Minnesota boy.  After swimming around for a bit we decided to call it a day and let the others have the river.

    Next time out I'll try to contain myself and fish the river instead of swimming it.

  2. I have the ultimate solution, well for boats/trailers under 2,000 lbs, and it will save you money.

    Unless your boat is actually in the water for a long time, like in a marina (think it's a 60 days a year rule) you don't need to register it in Illinois.  I register my trailer and boat in Minnesota. Boat registration is about the same as Illinois, but the kicker is any trailer for under 2,000 lbs setup is a one time permanent sticker.

    I boat the sticker for about the cost of registering it in Illinois and put the sticker on the tongue of the trailer.  No plate, no plate holder no more fees. Sorry Jesse White ;)

    And it's legal

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