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  1. ? for the group... been fishing at harrier lake ( sterns rd in bartlett) a lot, great action and lot of fun. anyway this is a catch and release all species lake. so i'm sitting there and these asian guys walk by with a bucket full of fish, i can see perch and LMB on top, bucket (5 gallon) is about 3/4 full. do you say something or do you call someone (they will be long gone by the time someone shows up) or do you live and let live? how would you handle this? kinda ticks me off, i want this lake to really be a great place in 4-5 years, and hate when some feel they don't need to follow the rules. (i'm worried that the weekend fishers at pratt-wayne will clean this lake out like they did at the main lake)
  2. my way of thinking to, except if i'm in florida! Grunts and groupers!
  3. First off, like to say hi to everyone, first real post here. been fishing a lot lately, off work with a bum back. been going to Harrier Lake off Sterns road west of Bartlett. (east the railroad tracks) this is a catch and release only lake. weedy, shore can be very muddy after a rain, but some of the best fishing i have ever come across. perch, large and smallmouth, cats, blue gills, walleyes.... been catching a bit of everything. grabbing around 50 fish per day, 3-4 hours. biggest so far has been a 16" LMB. had a lot of good sized (7-12")smallies. but you got to toss them back. been using orange bellied green sided lures with great success, grasshopper lures work great to. when the cicada's come out they should make great bait! brought a friends kid and using diced ham, he kept me from fishing that day! pulled fish after fish out, must of gotten at least 15 before i got tired of baiting and unhooking! this in about 45 minutes! and for some reason he was getting a lot of smallies. gave that little zebco rod a work out! i recommend this lake to someone who likes a lot of action, but not fishing for food. also good if you got a youngster who you want to get hooked on fishing. the weeds are a problem, but there are open strips that you can work, plus you can walk all the way around. you will be blazing a trail but that is fun also. only has a port-o potty and paved parking. no real trail system yet. has a sand bar in the middle that would be great if you could get to it. don't know how deep the water is between it and shore. want to add that the fish was good all day, gone early at noon and late, fish just were hungry all the time. Vic
  4. By Pratt-Wayne Forest Preserve is a flying field. big open area. e-mail the suburban r/c barnstormers, out of carol stream. they have instructors on staff who would gladly help him learn (for free). most would like you to buy your own plane and equipment. they are very cheap now with electrics becoming more powerful. he could get a prebuilt airplane, trainer type, with an electric motor and battery's, charger and radio for around 350 bucks. club members would gladly help with set up. they use a trainer cord so the instructor can take over when the pilot/ plane gets into trouble. wasted many a sunday at the field.... Vic
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