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  1. Kinda sucks. Realistically, probably a smart thing to do and could create a better issue online anyway. Limitless color and can integrate video. Can get immediate feedback from readers via social media integration, i.e., "like" buttons, commenting, Twitter and share. Reach is much broader versus a paper copy. Funds to print and ship are now spared. Info is the same whether in paper or in pixels. Sidetrack... My company used to allocate $150K per year to design, print and ship annual reports to all shareholders. The law has changed now and all you need to do is post a PDF of the report on your Website the day of the SEC filing. We now spend around $12K on design and only print 1,000 to have on hand at Investor Relations as a courtesy to those that call and request a hard copy. We aren't obligated to send a hard copy and could just as easily point them to the PDF on our Web site. Times change but the smart find a way to save budget and make things better! Change can be an opportunity for good if approached with an open mind. (Tough time to be in the printing business -- especially in the USA.)
  2. Wow. Lots of work went into that. The variety of shots they got is incredible. The editors had a heck of a lot of footage to piece together. Hours and hours of work. The video seems way too cool for the music. But overall, great stuff! Nice find / good share.
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    2012 newsletter

    Excellent job Scott and all who contributed.
  4. It's called a promo shot. Meant to be fun and exciting and provide a differentiator in the industry. Just like the trucker hat, sunglasses, choice of clothing, sponsors, etc. When your livelihood depends on your persona, you build it and market it. Most of Drew's shots are action shots and some are a little over the top. It's all part of his persona. I find any critique of his shots debatable (and comical) ... especially by other fishermen. It's splitting hairs.
  5. I tried too and got this. Son of a gun! Crazy Google!
  6. This would be a great article for the Bronzeback Bulletin. Make sure the issue is fish-free. Just pictures of anglers holding their hands apart and giving the, "It was THIS big!" look. The cover can just be a dotted outline of a smallmouth.
  7. Guys ocean fish from kayaks all the time. That was the basis for the kayak fishing craze. It all started on the coasts and worked inland.
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