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Suffix Braid

Jim J

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I have. 10lb. It's become my favorite line for a ML spinning rod.


It's similar to Power-Pro. Seems to hold coating and color a bit better. Casts like rocket for the life of the line. Gonna try some heavier # tests. Overall in my non-scientifical super subjective tests it seems to hold up better than anything else especially when you drag it on the rocks.


Strengthwise like all superlines, it's strong enough.


Disadvantages are similar to Power Pro. It's very limp so it wraps around guides etc. it's aslo more expensive (at Bass Pro) than Power Pro or Tuff Line XP. Probably because of the stupid holographic packaging. Also like most braids annoyingly noisy.


Still, based on durabilty and castabilty, I'm a fan.



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I use it for largemouth in the muck, but i tended to rip BIGGER holes(unless throwing a chatterbait) in their mouth with the stuff in open water. I caught a couple smallies in Minnesota with it and noticed the same. I opted not to use it. All was done on the reliable baitcaster.

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I have been using the 10 pound on the spinning reels and 20 pound on the baitcasters. I wish they made a 12 or 15 pound test, but they don't.


I see they have lo-vis and hi-vis available. Has anyone tried both? Just wondering if the performance is the same.

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performance is the same, but like i have always thought about iron "suck" err... silk, who wants to throw "Solar Mint" fishing line, ie. hi-vis. Especially in our clear streams? I'm just not too sure about the color of the stuff.

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Cortland Line Company, offers a superbraid line, labeled, "MasterBraid".

Available in 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 65, 90 and 100lb test.

The 10, 15 & 20 lb test is formulated for spinning reels, virtually eliminating "wind-knots".

Colors: Bronzeback Brown, Hi-Vis yellow and Seafoam Blue.

A true "round" braid. The color is dyed into the individual strands, (does not ware off, like the coated lines).


The best superline, I've used, to date.


ps---it's made in the U.S.A.



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