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Anybody wanna be in the moving pictures? You could be a star.


(email I received)



Hi Terry,

I am hoping you can help me recruit a fisherman to be in a TV advertisement for the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District. Do you know anyone who could be available to be at Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve in the late afternoon on Tuesday, September 18th? I would like this person to pose on the bank of the river with fishing gear and speak a few brief lines on camera.(Ideally, hauling in a spectacular catch, too!)

The format will be testimonials from various people on what they value about the WCFPD. Each person will answer the question: “What do you value about the Winnebago County forest preserves?”

I will provide a couple of scripted lines. They don’t need to stick to the script exactly. It will be very brief, since this is a 30-second commercial.

If you can think of anyone who would be willing to do this, I would love their contact information. Thanks so much for your help!

Jamie B. Johannsen

Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Winnebago County Forest Preserve District

5500 Northrock Drive

Rockford, IL 61103


Fax: 815/877-6100



If interested contact Jamie or if you would like PM me and I'll let her know.

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