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Upper Peninsula help needed (Keweenaw Peninsula and thePorkies area)


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My Wife "to be" and I are planning to be in the UP for our honeymoon for about a week starting this coming Monday (9/10).

One of the activities we plan to partake in is fly fishing for the salmon/trout in the tribs. Our other activities include hiking, biking and of course shopping. Would anyone like to share other options for sites to see, things to do and what not? We are staying in Eagle River within the Keweenaw peninsula and will drive as far as the porkies, and maybe as far east as Marquette.

As far as fishing goes, we could use some help with selecting the better tribs to fish for the pink and coho runs that are expected to start any day now? Can anyone share any fly selections and presentations? We are also going to try for brookies further up the tribs, and not against a few smallie streams as well.

Deanna recently started fly fishing and would really like to get her on a few nice fish to seal the deal for return trips every year for the anniversary (yes, selfish ain't I?). My ultimate goal would be to convince her to move up there so please help me help her!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance for all of your input.

Soon to be married Manny



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Dear Manny my condolences. It is a painful day when one our fishing brethren is lost to marital bliss. Oh yeah to say nothing of upcoming offspring . In which case please provide me with an early list of fishing items you will no longer be needing.

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I can tell you I just camped in the Porkies last weekend. I did alot of hiking and some fishing. I'm not an expert trout fisherman but fishing was very poor over Labor Day weekend for trout in the UP. Part of it was timing. The rivers were very low and clear. I could see the to the bottom just about everywhere except for a few deep hole in the Presque Isle river. I caught no trout in any of the rivers and I only saw 1 little brookie in the carp river. I think the low water has pushed alot of the local fish out and the lake run fish haven't pushed up yet. I hiked along quite a bit of the carp, little carp and Presque Isle rivers including the mouth where these streams run into Superior. There are no lake run fish yet but that could change with some cooler weather. People were still swimming along the beaches of Lake Superior. The scenery is top notch but the fishing was poor. Leaves are actually starting to change colors already up in the Porkies.

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I can't help you at all with the fishing, but my wife and I have spent several weeks exploring the UP in the last few years. The best shopping you will find is in Eagle River and Minocqua WI. The UP has very few shops, and few towns. The scenery is the big draw up there. If you want a spectacular hike, head over to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They have boat tours, but the hike is unforgettable. It's 10 miles altogether. 4 miles through the woods past a couple of waterfalls to the lake shore. From there 3 miles along the top of a 200 foot high cliff with unbelievable views of Lake Superior and the Pictured Rocks, then 3 miles back to the car.






Not far North of Eagle River just of Hwy 45 is Bond Falls,






And not far from there at the end of an easy hike is O-Kun-De-Kun Falls.




I suggest you pick up a couple of tour books including "Hiking Michigan's Upper Peninsula" by Eric Hansen, and "A Guide to 199 Michigan Waterfalls" by Bill Penrose.

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try checking with wetieit.com they are in boulder junction and fish the tribs north of them. prhaps they can get you a better source for more info richmc


For fishing rich has given you good advice. I'll go further. Get a guide through them. It is worth it to avoid the trial and error you would go through on your own.

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