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Filosophy of Phishing 42

Mike G

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Unlike Mr. Plato, I've caught plenty of fish by accident. I'm walking down the river and forget my fly is trailing behind me when all of a sudden I feel a tug and it's "fish on".


Too bad Diogenes never found you. His search would have been over.


Reminds me. Just last Tuesday, my cast looped over an branch about 10 ft above the water. The lure came to rest on the water. As I reeled in, just as the lure was lifting off of the water, an 18" Largemouth engulffed it. But that was no accident. I threw the lure over the limb on purpose :rolleyes:


Here it is.


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a couple years ago, my buddy and I were fishing this one small lake and he did the same thing, threw his Zoom Minnow into a bush over hanging the water. When he lifted his line, the lure came to suspend just above the water when a 6.5 lb largemouth came up and inhaled it. After landing the fish, he claimed the same exotic cast and technique was also no accident. Ha


Will have to google Diogenes

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