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Kudos to Cabelas


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Earlier this year I bought from Cabelas, via the internet, a 5wt, 4pc, Wind River flyrod, nothing expensive but seems o.k. I went to Michigan on vacation last week and took it with me, along with a few other rods. I just laid them in the van.


Friday I hit the St. Joe River with my son and grandson, only to discover that one of the sections of the rod was crushed or split, rendering the rod unusable. Made no difference, we didn't catch anything on any rod. I assume the rod probably got crushed by luggage, tennis rackets or other vacation stuff.


In the way home Saturday I stopped at the Cabelas in Hammond, IN. The flyfishing salesman said they didn't carry the rod, except as part of a set with reel, line, etc. He told me to take the rod to customer service to see if they would give a credit, since it was such a recent purchase.


The service rep. just asked to see my i.d., took the rod, gave me a credit for the amount that the Wind River set costs, in the form of a gift card. I proceded back to the flyfishing section, bought a new TLr 5wt, 4pc rod, which comes with a hard tube to prevent from happening what happened to my other rod. The "upgrade" cost me a total of $21.

I'm becoming a fan of Cabelas. Too bad they don't have an outlet anywhere nearby.

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Guest Jim S.

Had an experience somewhat like that. But know that if you switch out the the fly line, keep the old line, as they don't want to exchange unless the original line is on the reel. I almost got burned on that, but a rep sent me a new outfit where I just switched the rod out and with a prepaid return shipping. He took care of me, it took a while, but it worked itself out. Just an FYI on the fly line deal with them.

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