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6/9/12 - The Kishwaukee Thingy

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On June 9th the Friends of the Kishwaukee River (FOTKR) will be holding their "kick-off" party at

Baumann park in Cherry Valley along the Kishwaukee River.

Many of you have expressed interest in helping out at this event when the time comes. Now's the time.

We (ISA) are going to have a booth/tent at this event. The FOTKR may also need some help. I am currently waiting

for an email reply.

If anybody would like to help out at this event please post here.


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Just a thought................


I'm kind of thinking it might be a good idea to display "ISA Floats" at our booth.

If I could get some members to show up at this thing with their floats (kayaks, canoes, pontoons, types of PFDs) we could show off our boats

and discuss or answer questions or educate people on "Safe Floating".

What do you think?


Check it out.........


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Ben K. - As long as you have paperwork to show that the registration is in process then you're good to go. Would like to have you show for this with your yak.


Tim - Cool.


I suppose if we have breakfast beforehand, at the cafe, then we might be able to get a few more to show.

Here's the bag they (FOTKR) are working on to hand out to tubers for their trash.




I have sent them an digital image ISA Logo that I believe is going to be used in place of the "Illinois Smallmouth Alliance" black text.

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Guest Jim S.

Great Jim! Are you going to (could you please) bring your yak to show off? Is that an Ascend?


Could do a float afterwards if anyone is interested.


Sure, I can do that.

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Let me know.


I've got Ben, Tim, Jim, Jude and myself (all bringing their boat) that are going to be at this thing on June 9th. Anybody else?

All people listed please confirm.


I'll start - I confirm.



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Set up begins at 9am. We are going to have a tent, the ISA backdrop display (if weather and wind permit), ISA banner if needed, our boats and yellow signs displayed. Shouldn't take long for set up. I hope Paul or Jude know how the ISA backdrop display goes together?

Bring a lawn chair if you would like. I was thinking we could meet for breakfast at the CV Cafe around 8:00am/8:30am.

Jim J. has sent me a goody box of stuff for handouts. Paul is working on more.


Right now we have (7 members).......

Myself - Paul - Jude - Tim - Ben K - Jim S and my father (new member) might show up to help keep Jude in line.

If any members out there happens to have one of those Jackson Coosa's or Cuda's and would like to show up, please do. Would love to have one of those there.

We are showing off our types of fishing boats and maybe answering questions. Bring your PFD's also.

This is a family event with food, music, demonstrations and give-aways so please feel free to bring your family.

The more members we can get to come, the easier it will be for all to spend time with family and enjoy the event.

Thanks for all you help.


By the way......

The ISA logo is now on the bag inplace of the "Illinois Smallmouth Alliance" text.

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Is it safe to assume we'll have membership info on hand? I'll bring my latest bulletin as well. Always a good selling point. Snagging a new member or two would be nice.

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