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Over Stocked Fly Tying Materials

Greg C

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I have a TON of extra materials. I was going to tie a few different flies. But, it never materiailzed....No pun intended. I have loads of stuff, and looking to sell, or trade. I have chickabou, (unique variant). Yellow deceiver hackle. (Silver grade Whiting Hackle). Hooks, 2X long, 2X strong. Peacock feathers. Bass bug dyed spinning hair, etc, etc, etc....


I will trade for white buck tail, Loco Foam, in Mother-of-pearl, 60 deg 4/0 jig hooks, maybe a few other things...???

Just, mostly need to get rid of the excess. As many who know me, know, I take VERY good care of anything I own. That includes tying materials.


Maybe, we need to start a trading forum. The guy that thought poppers were going to be his big thing, realized the bugger, or Clouser, was his best bet. AFTER, he bought all the materials....

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Greg, I'll see what I have but I know I donated a ton of materials to the DuPage River Fly Tyers (Drift) and to the ISA that we sold off for a buck or two so we could provide other materials and tools that the Central IL fly tyers could use.

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