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Great Site!

Craig J

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All i can say is wow! This is my type of fishing website/group. I hope this is the right place to post this topic. I enjoy fishing for all species of fish, but smallies are always on the top of my list. But what really catches my eye about this site is the importance of conservation. So i figured i would introduce myself here. I have been fishing since i was a kid. Lets just say 30+ years...hehe. I mostly use spinning gear; but if my budget allows, i will be purchasing my first fly rod this year. But i do tie my own heavier gear that i can use with a spinning rod. I was fishing the K3 today, and a group of other guys I was walking past gave me the 'look'. I was carrying my gear and a bucket back to the truck. They approached me as i was getting near my truck, and asked me if i had many fish in my bucket. Well to their surprise, I dumped my bucket full of trash that i picked up along the banks into the dumpster. After they saw that, we had a nice conversation. We all were getting skunked today. (Well I know I did lol) But anyways...thanks for accepting my app. to these forums.

Tight Lines to all.



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The site is the tip of the iceberg with the bulletin, fishing outings, fly tying, meeting speakers, conservation activities, and educational events forming the rest of what you don't see here. So, as suggested, take time to explore. Eventually, you will want to sign up for a membership to enjoy all the benefits, eventually.

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