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GF Banchand Power Haul

Tom L

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This is from John I post:



Event Date: 21-January 12 9:00 (Single Day Event)


ISA Fly Tying & Fishing Show

Saturday 1/21/12 From 9am to 4:30pm

St. Charles Borromeo Church

Holy Family School

145 E. Grand Ave.

Bensenville, IL 60106



This daylong fest promotes all aspects of fly fishing for all types of fish. With expertise drawn from the many local clubs, guides & shops a learning & information sharing experience is the goal. From novice to expert, bluegill & bass to trout & steedhead, we will share the gist of fly fishing. All with a Midwest focus.



Local club tyers from ISA Bassbuggers & Drift.

Guides for nearby opportunities.

Hourly seminars, casting lanes, booths by shops & manufacturers.

Admission $10.00- Kids under 10 free




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Has anyone ever try this, GF backhand power haul?



The fly fishing show is next Saturday. Maybe we all should come out and try this, since there will be casting lane at the show.


The only reason to ever do this cast other than just showing off would be to deal with a crosswind that threatens to blow the line/fly into you.The way I deal with that situation is to tilt the rod at about a 45 degree angle away from me so that the line passes safely to my right on the backcast despite the right to left crosswind.Than on the forward cast I tilt the rod at a 45degree angle in the opposite direction so the line passes safely to my left.Another technique is to turn around to face the opposite direction & make the backcast the delivery cast.

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