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Filosophy of Phishing - 10

Mike G

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Zeno's False Casts


Zeno is fly casting to a Smallmouth 60 feet away. When he begins false casting, the fly is 30 feet from the bass. Each false cast cuts the distance from the fly to the fish in half. How many false casts will it take till the fly reaches the fish?


Editor's note: This ancient riddle clearly shows that the ancient Greeks invented fly fishing.

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It's probably a good thing that a certain Englishman isn't fishing along side him, though his head is a touch sore from a piece of falling fruit. His creation of integral calculus would allow him to put that fly right on the fishes nose.


According to Xenophon, Zeno became fustrated that his fly never reached the bass. He gave up fly fishing and took up archery. The results were similar. His arrow, halving the distance to the target each second, never reached the target. Given lemoni, he made lemoni ade. He published the results of his experiment as Zeno's Paradox and has been famous ever since. Not bad for a guy that couldn't cast 60 feet.

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