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Wisdom of Gierach

Mike G

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It has been said that if a book contains at least one good idea, it is worth the purchase price. John Gierach's recent book easily achieves that. In fact, page 96 alone has two great insights.


First his comment on what he said after an exceptionally good day fishing is Priceless:


"There was also the danger that when we were asked about this (day) later, we'd automatically dredge up one of those unfortunate macho cliches that have infected the sport. Someone asks. "How was it?" and you puff up to your full height and say, "We kicked ass and took names," as if your goal was to rid the world of trout. Sadly, almost nothing one fisherman says to another quite conveys the message, so there was the possibility that we wouldn't talk about this much, partly to keep the secret, but mostly because it was sort of personal."


The next day was a repeat of the previous day. He was even less inclined to brag.


"To be honest, the trout were eager and gullible and the fishing was pretty easy. We all have unreasonably high opinions of our skills, but as a friend says, there are days when a chimpanzee could catch fish."

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