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Terry Dodge

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Headed out to the stream after the Wimbledon Ladies' got done with their tennis match and I pretty much received the same butt whooping

that Sharapova did. I failed.

Thing is I kind of expected it. I never go out at this time of day during the summer but I had nothing better to do.

I went back and revisited the Winnebago County Forest Preserve stream-barbs (These are NOT the Boone County/ISA stream-barbs) for the first time this year. You might remember the pictures posted last year.

You might also remember a few of you said that these barbs would probably not hold up........




Well for those of you who said this, I am here to tell you that you were correct!

They failed and are failing.......


(same barb)



This barb is the worst of the four but believe me they are all crumbling.


It was not that great of a day and the only real high point I had (besides the temp that is) was running across Jude on the way back to my Bass-Van.......



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Guest rich mc

i hit the kish in dekalb before a job this morning.carp were tailing in some shallow areas. i tried my chenille worm and nothing. tied ona buzzbaits, it moved some fish and had two viscious strikes but no fish most likely northerns. water was high still murky and clearingin the shallows. rich

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