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Franklin Creek Nature Preserve

Terry Dodge

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Guest rich mc

heard it it small and shallow but has nice rock and gravel. may be ok in the spring with some higher water. also heard it is split with some private water and public. rich

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Guest Don R

I've been there a few times. Good hiking. Can be good fishing at times. Let me know if this still stands along the trail to Black Bass Pond. 119qstj.jpg


Some of the stairs that lead to Black Bass Pond.



Black Bass Pond (a part of Franklin Creek in the Franklin Creek Nature Preserve)



I've never waded the area. Just fished a few of the deeper holes. The smallies I caught were rather dark colored. If you catch a creek chub...put that puppy on a large circle hook, toss it into a deep hole and hang on!


By the way, there are no smallies in Black Bass Pond.

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I was there in July about 15 years ago on a multipurpose trip. The creek is small similar to Kilbuck. I did a little fishing. The flow was moderate even without rain since the creek is spring feed. Crystal clear. I recall a series of classic riffles and pools with fish in the 10-12" range hitting live bait. From the high water marks along the banks, it looks like this one turns into a devil after heavy rains running out of its banks at 3 or 4 times its normal size. I speculate that high water would scatter the fish all over the place making the going tough. A light 7-8 ft fly rod or ul spinning would be my choice of gear.

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I fished Franklin creek about 10 years back and I only recall catching some small fish... As illustrated in Don's pictures it really is a nice place from what I remember. If nothing else, Its a reason to get out of the house and explore somewhere new.

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