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As soon as I saw this one I thought of the Blockhead. The shape is so similar though the action may differ. Another difference is Blockhead head 75 cents each; cost of viceless frog head cut from craft foam sheet 2 cents.




It is the fly of the week on Fly Anglers On Line. Complete instructions are there. If you miss it this week it will be in the archives.FAOL


Tip 2: When you work with Crazy Glue wear thin plastic food service gloves. Otherwise you will be picking glue off your fingers for a week.

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Nice looking froggie......Blockhead heads are pretty easy to make...I look for big chunks of craft foam and cut it into cubes with a fine toothed saw...then I shape the cubes into blockhead form using a benchtop disk sander...takes a bit of practice, but you can shape one in about 30 seconds once you get the hang of it. Sand it to size in cube form...taper the back, then do the sides. Cheers.



Benchtop Disk Sander


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