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4th Monday Bassbuggers Fly Tie


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Just a reminder that we will be tieing flies in John Loebach's heated garage in Lombard, IL on Monday 2/28/11. Meet at 6pm, start tieing at 6:30pm.

If all works as planned, AirborneMike Allen will be doing the demo-ing. (Still working out the details.)


Come on out for the comraderie, story-telling and just plain fun.

coryg <))))><

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Guest airbornemike

The fly I will be tying will be a "rear wieghted Deciever" that Rich Mc turned me on to. Dave Sellers from the west coast tyes this up and is fairly snag proof with great deciever like qualities.

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That fly just hooked me!!!!!!

Is there still room for a newbie to join and Slow everyone down? I now own a vise :) and that so far is all. But by being around others ( that in my opinion are tying books each) will teach me so much more faster and I will quickly learn what works and what does'nt. what to buy.

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Looks great...I plan to attend.


I think as far as tools go, a bobbin is great to have....but if you look at the old time tyers....they didn't have them. You can tie with just a vice and scissors....but get the tools if you can...the process will be much easier.



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Thank you, thank you, thanks!



I was a little nervous in the begining but really was welcomed nicely. Thank you John for hosting.

Yes I tied a fly.So much info was flying at me some times. It was amazing. So many things i will start practicing.

I now think i have another addiction. I can see so many different things i want to learn to tie.

This will be a great fill in when the ice isn't safe and the rivers are raging. again thanks,

and i'll see you next time

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Another one lost to the dark side...

Your welcome, Eugene.


Not totally lost to the dark side. I just see a lot of ways i can alter these flies for use with a lite spinning rod.

I drag a couple of flyfishers to the cold but bright side. They start pulling me in to the dark side.

The force is strong with their numbers. must resist!!!!

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