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Kankakee River Documentary

Mike Clifford

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I spent a great deal of time with these folks in 2010, and really look forward to the finished product!


To All,


Just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of you who have

supported us along the way in the making of this documentary..........

"INDIANA's EVERGLADES"........ about the Grand Kankakee Marsh and the

Kankakee River.


Maybe you offered advice, gave us a grant, taught us something about

the river, told us your stories, searched out old photos, mentored us,

donated funds to our budget, offered a historical, environmental, or

cultural perspective, wrote an article, had us on your radio show, took

us up and down the river by boat, gave us a walking tour, donated

equipment, lent us your camera, gave legal advice, helped us with

accounting, helped with websites, donated an item for raffle, offered

us paddle boats, sang a song or wrote a song, took us bird watching,

let us hang out in your duck blind, fed us, listened, offered us

sponsorship, shared your experiences and just overall been a friend

along the way. We want to say thanks for all your help!!


Please forgive us if we have not contacted you lately, as we have been

busy at work on this project. To update you, we are now entering a

post-production phase with close to 90 hours of footage that includes

visuals and conversations up and down the river and throughout the

marsh. It will take some time to sort through it all and log the

footage, fill in the missing pieces, and from there we will be

assembling the footage into the storyline and hope to have a completed

documentary in 2011. We're very excited about what we have so far and

will work hard to produce a quality finished product thanks to all of

you and your efforts along the way to help us!


We'll keep you posted!


With Sincere Gratitude,


The Production Crew of Indiana Everglades and The Izaak Walton League

Diana Chapter.

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