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Outside with dale Bowman Radio Show

Norm M

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At 430 PM on Monday 1-31, I'll be making an appearance on Dale Bowman's radio show OUTSIDE. It airs on 91.1 FM but it the range doesn't extend past I-80. You can catch a podcast by going to www.wkccradio.org Select programs at the top left and scroll down and select Outside. The link will be there.


This will be week 5 and I believe you can go back and catch past shows. You can also look for an announcement in Dale's blog at the Sun Times. He generally runs a photo, mine will be suitable for saving to haunt houses come Halloween.

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The wierdest thing was hearing my voice come over the radio and thinking that doesn't sound like me. It was very interesting to do, I had a rough idea of where the questions might go but it wasn't like the questions were prescripted. It kinda took a direction of it's own. Hopefully, I didn't ramble too much.

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I didn't catch the live broadcast, but listened to the podcast earlier this evening. I thought it was great too. As far as the voice not sounding like your own, that is weird when it happens...but since I haven't talked to you much, I just don't know. What struck me is that your "voice" didn't match your pic ;)


norm on bowman's facebook


thank Norm!

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Haven't heard it yet, as I need to get on an iTunes-supported device for the archive.

If you thought that was good, you should have seen him on camera, being filmed for the river documentary.

Spectacular performance....and I mean that.

His boy was equally incredible.

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