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Not sure what's up with WCFPD

Terry Dodge

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Winnebago County Forest Preserve District is installing a new canoe launch at Espenscheid park

and I kind of have to question the spot that they are putting it in. For those of you who know this area, you also know

that this new spot gets hammered during high water. I don't think they're using sand but it's awful close. It' appears to be more

like pee-stone which is used for baseball diamonds. I don't see any way that it will last even a year if we continue to get the same rains

that we've had the last four years or so. I would think the way this bank bend gets hammered it will all wash away.



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You may have opened up a can of leeches here. Where did the term 'can of worms' come from anyway. I've never seen them in a can. Have you?


But back to the canoe launch.


Is the canoe launch needed?...pros and cons

If this canoe launch is inadequate (probable damage from high water)...what alternatives are there?

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If you look again at this picture. To the far right where you see large chunks of gravel, that's where the original canoe launch was.




The original launch was made out of very large timber and was in very good shape and had been there for years.




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