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Drying Wheels for Flies

Mike G

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Who is using them? What is your experience?


Some have rigged them using BBQ rotisserie motors. Since I do not own a motor of any kind, here is my take for someone starting from scratch. I figure you can save some $$ jury rigging something on a motor you have. But putting it all together from scratch is not so attractive when there is a ready to go $39.95 unit out there that also includes hardware for rod finishing. DIY enthusiasts may have another take.


Here is what I found so far:


Good: Rod finishing rotator from Netcraft, $75.

Pro: can be used for rod building also.

Con: have to make adaptor for flies.


Better: BBQ rotisseries from Walmart $25-$75.

Pro: can be used for grilling.

Con: have to make adaptor for flies.


Best: Cabela's Stonefly Fly/Jig Dryer-$40.

Pro: ready to go; can be used for rod building also.

Con: can't be used for grilling.



I just added the dryer to my Cabela's wish list.

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