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Quicksand on the Kish!

Corey Jones

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Wow! There have been several inquiries on where I got sucked into quicksand.

I'm glad there was such a strong interest because I don't want anyone else to find it the way I did.

I was very fortunate to be with a friend. It could have been ugly.

I had my friend email me one of the pics to show where and what it looks like.


At the base of this pylon the water is a couple inches deep and the sand is under it.

It looks solid and in some spots it may be but not where I hopped out.

Around the perimeter it's about 5 to 6 ft. deep

I hope this helps the rest of you.



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I thought there were going to be pics of you pulling yourself out?

I know where you're talking and I am glad you warned us. Like I said,

I was just thinking of hitting that area and the fact that I usually fish alone and

also the fact that area gets very little pressure. It could have spelled big trouble for me.

Thanks again for the warning.

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Bridges can be nasty places to wade because sand and silt and really pile up around them. I've noticed that some of the rocky sections of the Kish that I have fished recently have way less silt than there used to be. The recent high water probably moved that silt and salt to other places.


I always wade with a wading staff and one of the great things about a wading staff is that it can be used as a probe to find drop offs and quicksand before you step into the abyss. I'm glad to hear that you are OK.

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I also got stuck while fidhing the Kish this last Sunday. It was not covered by water but a mud flat. I started to walk across and began to get stuck. The more I struggled the deeper I went in till I was up to my thighs. Fortuately I was with my buddy, Bill K. who had to get a big log forme to use to get out. It really takes a big effort to get free.

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Absolutely abhor muck/mud. Was in the East Branch a couple years ago and sunk up to my knees plus and was now chest deep in the water. Every time I tried to lift one foot the other sank down. Little scary. Wasn't alone but managed to work my way out w/out help while staying dry. Had to force myself to calm down and move slowly and deliberately. Not something I ever want to repeat.


Glad you made it out okay.

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