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But kicked


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The Kishwaukee river completely kicked my but yesterday. Got stormed on (they said slight chance) within the first 15 minutes, got knocked over in deep water and my waders started filling up, got the crap startled out of me by a huge water mocc that swam right by legs from behind me, and I caught zero fish in 6 hours. I did however find a couple of new spots that should hold a fairly good population of fish. Like they say, "even the worst day of fishing is better than the best day of working". Unless you fish for a living that is. Go Bears.

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Did the snake look like this?





The Kish is a farther north than the natural range of the water mocassin. The snake pictured above is the northern watersnake. They are not aggressive and relatively harmless. If you stepped on one it would probably bite you but they are not poisonous.


They're actually pretty ornery little buggers that can deliver a painful bite! But they are non-venomous as Paul said, and relatively harmless if you let them be.

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