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It's Our River Day Weekend is Here!

Mike Clifford

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The state-sponsored weekend is devoted to people just like you- who cherish IL rivers and streams.


Please take a look at the ISA online calendar in the header link and decide how you are going to celebrate our natural resources this weekend.

There is a lot going on!

Float the Fox River, fish a Central Region outing, participate in a clean-up, investigate and sample insects in the Kankakee....


How do you plan to enjoy the outstanding weather while celebrating our natural heritage?


As for me?

Sat. morning, a clean-up in the Kankakee River State Park. Then I'm off to the other end of the river for our annual all-night camping/drinking/eating campfire drunkfest with 200 other good 'ol boys. Crawl out of my tent early Sun. morning and dash back to the State Park for a youth educational event- sampling river insects...and filming a major river documentary.

Other than that, not much of anything.



Get out and enjoy the weekend!

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If you are looking for something to do with the kids Saturday afternoon, Stacey Johnson the park interperater at the Kankakee River State park is offering a Water Bugs from 100Pm to 230 PM after the cleanup.


Me. I might take some cleanup volunteers fishing afterwards.

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