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Apple river near Palisades State park


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I will be camping at Mississippi Palisades State Park next weekend and was wondering if anyone had info to share regarding canoe/fishing options in that general area. I am hoping to do a stretch of the apple river near its confluence to the mississippi. Is the fishing good in that area if so, is it good smallie water or ? Is it better to head upstream and wade or can we canoe up by the Apple canyon Park?


Is the backwaters worth paddling around in?


As you see, I do not know the area other than that it is very scenic with lots of bluffs and overlooks.


Thanks for your help.


Manny M

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The lower apple is not smallie water. The backwaters at Pallisades are great paddling but not easy fishing(lots of shallow water). Above the dam at Hanover where the apple empties out is good lake fishing but realize the pool is huge & subject to time or wind limitations especially from a canoe. The best way to fish the Miss is from a powered boat with trolling motor. If the weather is nice float from Galena to Blandings Landing on the Illinois side above the dam, you'll have fun, fish but expect LM bass, gills & cats. I've seen 8# bass come out of the backwaters above Savanna, try topwater or live bait.

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