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Fox River Indian Creek Clean-up

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Well....I wanted to go to the fly tying event today but my daughter had a different plan. She's 1, and decided to get up at 5 a.m.....much earlier than I planned. After helping this clean-up I was too exhausted to get to countryside. The Fox Metro Water Reclamation District, City of Aurora, and Kiwanis Club of Aurora, and Friends of the Fox River had the clean up event today from 8-12 for areas of Indian Creek. This area was in BAD shape! I looked for ISA members but it looks like I was solo on this one. It was a great day and a great event. They had breakfast, lunch and transportation. Unfortunately, the sponsors were counting on about 120 more people who didn't show up. I kept wondering why I was the only one in area 4...later they explained that 75 people were supposed to be in that area. My find for the day was a couch...we pulled it out of the water to dry...maybe we'll get it out next time. I also placed some cinder blocks that were on shore into areas that can use some stabilization. It can still use more work but I got to observe a great spawning area for smallies. I also got a chance to talk with one of the leaders of the Kiwanis Club. They are interested in any clean-ups that we sponsor, so that's good.


The mayor of Aurora was also in attendance. He pointed out a large industrial area that is planned to be a public park along the river. He also talked about an area the city cleaned up that was loaded with illegally dumped tires. He thanked everyone for attending and complimented the kids on the great job they did today.


Felt good to get out there. I hope to do more before the weather gets warm and the foilage builds up...I like working in the cooler weather with less bugs.


Don....you had a great idea in posting trash we "catch"....stay tuned......


I also feel good about the clean ups because I sometimes believe in Karma...good deeds happen to those who pay it forward. I got two smallies yesterday on the DuPe on a hair jig I tied....thanks again bassbuggers! Wish I was there today...I'll see you soon.

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