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Wild or Wacky Things

bob g

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I just posted the flying frog sightings and it made me think what kind of really strange things have people seen while out fishing. One other amazing thing I saw was out on the Kankakee. The water was fairly clear on this day and whenever its like that I always think its really interesting just to watch the bottom while I'm walking and see if anything is going on like crayfish darting about. This one time I happened to spot a small snake I would guess about 1 1/2 - 2' long and skinny on the bottom of the river. He or she had there tail and back half lodged in the rocks and there head up facing into the current completely submerged. I watched for awhile and its head would dart from side to side and up and down. The only thing I could surmise was that it was nymphing although I wasn't able to tell for sure. I've never seen anything like that since except another time I did come across a snake on the side of the river with half a frog sticking out of its mouth. One last one from me and I'd definitely like to read others stories. One time while fishing the Apple solo I began to think about what it must have been like 100's or thousands of years ago standing where I was. The time it takes to wear down those limestone bluffs always leads me into thinking about stuff like that. Anyways immediately after thinking that I thought I should keep my eyes open while I was walking for arrow heads etc.. Not more than probably 20 seconds after I had that thought I spotted something strange looking sticking out of an eroded section of the bank. For some reason it just struck me as unusual looking. I had never seen anything that looked like it before but I went over and began to dig around it. After digging compacted dirt and stones from around it I had unearthed a bone about as thick as my wrist and about 1 1/2' long. Only the head of it had been sticking out. I'm guessing a cow bone but my imagination can run amuck and have dinosaurs or a stealthily hunted bison swirling around in it. Ended up carrying it all the way back to the truck and taking it home. Thats it for me. I'm sure there must be all types of strange stories out there. Can't wait to read some or if not keep your eyes open and add some later.

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