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I picked up a Bass Pro XPS EXTREME (doesn't that reek of NASCAR)rod on clearance. $39.99 I think they are normally 90 bucks. a 6 footer, medium heavy. Best of all it's got a short rear grip and for whatever reason I can cast fairly accuratly with it. I put a 15 year old Shimano Citica 5:1 ratio reel spooled up with 30lb Power Pro. .I think one could raise the Bismark with this outfit

I tied on an absolutley killer looking 7 dollar 1/2 ounce spinnerbait on. It's a Strike King, shad something or other. OMG does it look cool!


So, I took it out on the DesPlaines with my oldest boy. Stuck a little northern- maybe 24". I got it up on dry land, but it got off and made it's way back. Cool. This rod has a little mojo. My son was losing his mind. Kids love he sight of a northern.


Today i had a short window to fish. Due for dinner in Bolingbrook, I made a short stop at a river bridge. As soon as i got out, man it started pouring. I said "screw it" I'm going anyway. As soon as I got under the bridge. I saw a boil, then seconds later a fish jump. I fired a cast and it was dead on. If you didn't know me better, I might be confused with someone who knew what they were doing. 2 cranks. Fish on! A nice little largie 16-17":




I fished a little longer, but lightning was kicking up and considering it was Easter AND the Wifies' B-day figured I better...well you know..

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