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Good News!


Just received this in my email inbox......


The Illinois EPA hired 1,000 more enforcement officers. In response to the new threat of Clean Water Act enforcement, polluters agreed to not only play by the rules, but to invest in the latest technologies to prevent pollution from entering the water.


In other good news, the Farm Bureau, the Corn Growers Association, and the Illinois Soybean Association have decided to throw their support behind mandatory 100 foot buffers on all streams--including "ditches." All three organizations have pledged half their annual lobbying budgets to offset farmers' loss of productivity.


In more good news, 10,000 letter-writing, phone-calling Illinoisans became new members of Prairie Rivers Network last month. With 10,000 new members, Prairie Rivers will have the clout and budget necessary to go after the last of the unreformed polluters out there.







Happy April Fools Day!

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But can you imagine the positive effect all those people would have!


I suppose that's the reason that we are all involved in the ISA....it takes time and effort from each and everyone of us.

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