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2010 Bronzeback Blowout Wrap-Up

Mike Clifford

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Another extremely successful effort, thanks to the hard work of many and the support from all of you. Officers, members and guests turned out a party nobody will soon forget.


Tim Landwehr and Marc Miller.

You don't get much better than that for a double-bill of headliners.


I'd like to share a few photos here, but would like to see those from others as well (preferably in a hosted format I can save, rather than the attachment method).

Feel free to send me anything you have via email, as I have something special I'm working on for this one.


Give yourselves a big round of applause.


The ISA will function and persevere with a strong focus on preservation and conservation in the coming year once again thanks to all of you.


It's been a really long day/night, so I'll keep the superlatives to a minimum and share a few glimpses of our many friends enjoying the event.

What's clearly evident from the smiles and laughter is that everyone had a good time.

That makes it all worthwhile for so many that pour their hearts and souls into this event each and every year.


A special thanks needs to go out to Scott Ferguson and Jim Jozwiak.

Without them, this event wouldn't exist as we know it.

Not even close.


Another stellar screen presentation by Eric.

I can't say enough about his production efforts towards the visuals we enjoy every year.


Remember too that we're just the players....all of YOU that attend are the show.


Here's a small taste of many more photos to come.




Congrats to John Loebach for his 2010 ISA Achievement Award!

Well deserved, given his continued dedication to the ISA over many years.




As I said, this is just a taste of a great time shared by all.


Much more to come.


Every table seemed to have prizes and a festive atmosphere.




Tim U with 4 of the 5 rods he won tonight.

That's what a couple hundred or better in raffle tickets will get someone.

Many thanks for that effort, Tim....and everyone else that piled high on the raffle tickets.

Your contributions are much appreciated and well represented.




Once again, a very heartfelt thanks to all of you for allowing us to make it happen.

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First let me say next year Mike Clifford is sitting next to me, Steve Spiz is going to check my numbers and I'm not sitting any where near Joz, that seems to be the formula for getting your number pulled from one of the bags. :D


The presentation on fly fishing for smallmouth bass should have drove home the point to everyone, find the active smallies is the first thing to do. After that if you present a lure with the proper depth and speed control, you will catch fish. The method you use to deliver that lure is strictly personal preference. Many make this harder than it needs to be because they have their priorities skewed. Dick Berglund [Mr Jig] on River Smallies said it best, an ounce of biology is better than a ton of gear.


I have had the privilege now of seeing Marc Miller speaking to different types of groups three times in the last month. He said the same thing every time and he answered the questions the same way every time. He does not tailor his response to what he thinks that group wants to hear, he gives you the straight stuff as he believes it to be. It may not be what you want to hear but it is a welcome change to have a man in that office that operates from the courage of his convictions and tells you what he believes to be the truth.


He is also very open to good ideas that would help improve things for the sportsmen of our state, I have watched him make notes about those suggestions to look into later. He is also open to facts that could prove the official position wrong and I believe he would do his best to use those facts to rectify the situation and make sure the right thing gets down.


We have never had a Director of the IDNR who is so open and accessible and I believe the way he is going about his business will help rebuild the trust we all should be able to have in that agency.


All in all, it was a great night, I got to meet some new people and put faces to more names.


Y'all come back now, heah. And come out to some other events, drop a post in on the website and if you have the knowledge to pass on. write it up and submit it to the newsletter. Your experience with the ISA is what you will make of it, do yourself a favor and make it a good one.

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As a brand new member, I have to say I enjoyed the meeting a great deal and look forward to many more.


As a new kayak fisherman and having friends that are hardcore kayakers, it was nice to hear that the iDNR is trying to help the access problems for us, especially in regards to the Vermilion.


Thanks for the great learning opportunity!


-Chris Serafin

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It was nice to show appreciation to the growing # of flyfishermen in the ISA by having one as the main speaker(though I thought I saw Joz nodding off a cupl x :).Tim made many good points most of which would apply to any style of fishing which of course is true of previous speakers as well. Pointing out that unlike the far more numerous trout which even when active are selective as opposed to the more aggresive, opportunistic smb I liked his emphasis on keeping on the move to find active willing fish rather than spending time in a spot changing lures/flies/colors trying to persuade inactives that most of the time aren't even there.

PS Th ham was tasty too.

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175ish, pretty close to previous year's numbers and it looks like we raised about $7500 also close to previous year's numbers.



Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the ISA and smallmouth in our great state!

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This was my third or fourth one and they were all equally enjoyable with great speakers each time. Nice to put faces to names and meet some new people. Thanks to all those who set everything up each year!! Jim was as enjoyable as ever during the raffle :lol:

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8:00 am breakfast and Mike is sleeping




Scott making notes at breakfast




Eugene loading in 9:00 am




What the hall looked like at 9:30 am




Scott discussing with Mike while he's still sleeping




Scott laughing thinking about Mike not remembering discussion




We have to stuff how many?




257, 258, 259....




Vanna White's they aint...




I just bought how many tickets?




"Man, look at the huge fish Joz caught"




"Girls tell me my eyebrows turn them on"




Packed house




Cleaning up and hitting the motherlode!

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Tim U needed the whole table of guests to help him carry all his winnings out.


...and I get more done in my sleep before you get up in the morning, Jozwiak.



Great photos and diatribe.


Paybacks are a bitch, BTW.

Have camera, will travel.

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