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IRCC update

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COE Rock Island Division


Yellow River[K3 trib in Indiana] 519 Project


181 acres, meander back in channel, manage woody debris, riprarian channel work and wetland restoration.

The funding for the feasibilty study of this project is being held up because the State of Indiana is not paying their share of the study.


Stateline Bridge 206 Project

Backwater lake, flood relief and clam bed restoration

COE sees 2 issues Indemnification and maintenance-operation agreement between IDNR and local groups after funding and construction


This next is from what I know- not from COE.

J.R.Black meeting with K-3 county groups and IDNR to help get agreements in place and the IDNR to get funding for their share.

Another snag- Momence Conservancy Dist, holds title to the land[ ask me in person if you want details on why]. They don't think lake is the way to go and would rather see more efforts to stop sand from coming fom Indiana.

Another possible issue is depth of lake. if possible both J.R. Black and I would like the lake to be deep enough to hold fish year round and provide new recreational opportunity for the area.


Back to COE Chicago Division

k3 riffle project in Wilmington area

Fish passage in Wilmington Dam is main issue for COE

would increase riffle areas, establish mussel beds and decrease sedimentaion

Funding issues here as well for all parties.

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