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IRCC update

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Chicago Fish Barrier Maintenance- COE Chicago Division

Romeoville/Lockport in Chicago Ship and Sanitary Canal

Barrier 1[test barrier for technology] in Romeoville is up and running, Pulse-DCCurrent rate of electricity may not be effective against 4 to 5 inch or smaller Asian Carp


Barrier 2A up and running Pulse- DC current effective against all sized Asian Carp

Barrier 2B will have same or possibly exceed capability of 2A expected date to finish Sept 2010.

Once both barriers up and running can shut one down for maintenance without use of chemical barrier.


DNA testing indicated presence of Asian Carp in North Channel, Cal-Sag channel and Cal Sag harbor but no fish found yet.


Flooding causing bypass of barrier into Des Plaines River and I&M canal. COE to do detailed study to find out conditions necessary for transfer of fish in this type of event. Current plans include Rip RAp in I&M canal to plug passage and make a discontinuous flow.

Des Plaines River Put up fence with mesh to prevent fish movement. I believe 13 miles necessary and COE working on obtaining property rights.


20 million spent so far on barriers. Estimate 4 million a year to maintain the 3 electric barriers.


Asian Carp found as far north as LaCrosse in Mississippi River. Not found in Wisconsin River yet, still checking Fox River.

Asian Carp in Ohio River- canals there could provide passage to Great Lakes as well.


Side note found Round Goby in Ship-Sani Canal during chemical phase.

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Thanks for the updates particularly re the carp problem.I wonder what the other Great Lake states in which the problem exists are doing.I'm not optimistic. Sooner or later the carp will establish themselves in those lakes as well as in many rivers.About all we can do is make it later & hope the consequences aren't near as bad as feared.

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