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On the Asian Carp front, some of you may have already heard some of this.


There will be a multi agency- defense in depth with multiple techniques. The electric barrier in Lockport is the front line, chemical barrier when electric barrier down for maintenance[as was in news]. Use of Environmental DNA to provide info on fish presence.

Use commericial nets at warmwater discharges[treatment plants] in Ship-sanitary Canal with electro shock to drive fish into nets to remove fish from system[also in news lately]. Use market forces to reduce carp numbers, currently plants in Fulton[zero waste even uses offal for fertilizer],Pearl[smoke fish for export] and Havana[fish oil and meal].

No commercial netting allowed above Spring Valley account game fish[walleye,sauger, bass]. IDNR would contract out removal of Asian Carp above Spring Valley with proper safegaurds for game fish.


Question was raised, if we want to deplete carp how can business based on carp be sustainable? Answer was due to fecundity of Asian Carp probably means we are fighting a losing battle on total elimination of the species.


A suggestion from party from Peoria was to increase efforts to keep fish from entering Illinois River from Mississippi with techniques being used for Lake Michigan. Marc Miller took that for future consideration.


Website to check if desired www.asiancarp.org/rapidresponse

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