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SouthWeastern Missouri Smallmouth Alliance

Gary L

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Well I took the plunge and have started the Southwestern Missouri Smallmouth Alliance here in Springfield, Mo. our first meeting with be April 1, 2010 at the Springfield Nature Center and will continue every first Thursday or the month at this location until December. It is a huge undertaking I think but it should be fun also. Wish me luck I think I will need it.

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You picked the right fish. Good Luck!


PS, it is not too early to send us information on how to join.

if you want to join the SWMSA it is just a Chapter of the Missouri Smallmouth Alliance and you can join them at www.missourismallmouthalliance.org. I got them to set up a forum on there site for Members which is something they should have done years and years ago. They are lagging behind something terrible with only about 275 or so members and have been around longer then the ISA. It is a giant undertaking and I am getting beat up somewhat by a few who think they know it all. You'd have to go to www.ozarkanglers.com/forums and check out the Conservation section toward the top and then scroll down to the Ozark, Rivers, Streams and Creeks and find Crane Creek I really caught it there because I put up 13 requests on different Rivers and Creeks. The Ozark Anglers site is owned by Phil Lilly who is a super guy and runs a resort on Taneycommo Lake and Guides for Trout. He has scheduled about 6-8 seminars at the Springfield Nature Center for anyone that wants to come and they are all free. I just went to one by Guide Bill Babler on Suspended Baits. He talked for two hours on them. Phil's site is a premier forum down here with tons of information. Check it out I think you will like it.

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I read the Crane Creek thing. A bit of over reaction from some.


Wading is what kept you skinny, you get fat sitting in a boat, that's why it's called boat butt.


Good work getting that chapter organized, mebbe I could come down and sing for y'all to help raise funds.

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