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The Wooly Bugger Extravaganza was a big success!

It was attended by 10 tyers (which is a right fine size) with some new faces sitting at the table.

We started with tying a traditional wooly bugger. Size 8 streamer hook with a bead/cone head, marabou and krystal flash tail, medium chenille body, and hackle (tied in by the tip) palmered forward and tied off by the head. Then we started getting creative with hook size, colors, flash, and other materials. Joseph M taught technique about thread control and tying on rubber legs. He also taught a Lefty Kreh pattern that used a couple of colors of chenille wrapped into a 'rope' with the hackle and then wrapped forward as one piece. A very secure way of protecting the hackle from fishy teeth.

Thank you to all who came out and contributed to a relaxed, fun evening of tying......Jim B (1st timer who brought a fresh homemade batch of venison jerky), Pat H (good zingers on Joseph!), Matt & Matthew V. (keep up the good work, Matthew), John L. (our fearless leader), Steve S. (the tuna king, back from skinny dippin' in Mexico), Michael T. (Mr. Dry Humor, himself), Ed O. (in from the big city), Jim J. (soaking it all in).

And a special thank you to Joseph M. for hosting our event, adding your knowledge (we'll edit this out, later), and expertise (please hold).


I enjoyed the 'looser', 'creative' atmosphere of our evening.


Cory "The Ringmaster" Gale

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