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Guided Trip for the Blowout

gordon p

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I am bummed that I can't attend the Blowout. I have to teach all day and then do a rehearsal in the evening.

I am offering a trip, however, and want to add some details here for ya'lls edification. Although I have lived in Illinois all my life,my "home waters"are in Wisconsin. My trip can be structured a number of ways,depending on the amount of time you have. Both of the previous winners of this trip did 2 days ( the third winner,2 years ago, never scheduled his trip )but we could do one day. The limiting factor here is the driving time, the prime waters are 4-6 hours drive. If you want to go to these areas you should plan on an overnight trip. Depending on what river you want to fish we can stay at my family place in Rhinelander. There are a number of smaller rivers that are closer that could be done in one day with an early start. I fish out of a very stable Cranberry Creek Canoe and we would take 2 vehicles so we can shuttle our gear. I have fished 25 or so rivers in Wisconsin, the only major river that has good smallie fishing I have NOT done is the Namekagon. If you are interested in this trip and want to know more about specific rivers send me a PM. Also, In previous years I have not been able to do weekends but I might be able to do that this year although I MUCH prefer a Sun.-Mon. ( or any weekday ) on some of these rivers on weekdays you don't see any other humans. Gordon

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