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Bassbugger Wooly Bugger Extravaganza


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Calling all Bassbuggers to a Wooly Bugger Extravaganza

When: Monday, February 22nd, 6 to 8pm

Where: One More Cast Countryside, IL


New members, you don't want to miss this 'go to' pattern.

We will teach the traditional Russell Blessing pattern, and then add creative variations.


Experienced tiers, come prepared to share some of your own alternative patterns.


See the Bassbugger announcement in the Events Forum for additional hyperbole.


Cory Gale, Fly Tieing Coordinator

"Tie BIG flies, so you don't hurt your eyes."

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Cory, thanks for scheduling this Woolly event. I found it refreshing to pay this long-time standard fly at visit. I can't tell you the last time I tyed a Woolly Bugger, but maybe as many as 3 years.


I spent some of this weekend tying several as small as a #10 1X-long hook up to a #2 3X-long.

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