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Bassbugger Wooly Bugger Extravaganza


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Calling all Bassbuggers for an evening of Wooly Bugger Madness!

When: Monday, February 22, 2010, 6pm - 8pm (start tieing @ 6:30 pm)

Where: One More Cast, Countryside, IL


NEW and Old (read "experienced") Buggers are invited!

We will demonstrate a conventional Wooly Bugger pattern, a must have pattern in any flybox, and then....

Open the vise for creative alternatives to Harry Blessing's (may he rest in peace) wonderful creation.


Experienced fly tiers, please, share your own versions and alternatives of this fish catching wonder.


As an added bonus, those bassbuggers bringing donations of flies for the Bronzeback Blowout will receive a raffle ticket for each 6 flies donated. These raffle tickets will be drawn at the Flies of the ISA event on April 10th and one of the prizes will be the new hardback book, "Wooly Wisdom." You can preview this book at our "Wooly Bugger Madness Night".


Hope to see lots of new faces from our new ISA members.


In the meantime, stay warm and keep on tieing.

Coryg, Fly Tieing Co-ordinator

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Guest rich mc

i always wanted to do a woolly bugger thon , an all day tying event starting with a basic bugger then tye all the variations of rubber legged, lead eye, weighted, floating, electric, bi colored, cone headed, and ice chenille. is harry tieing his leech pattern? rich

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